About TSI

In the spring of 2019, MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) launched the MIT Transmedia Storytelling Initiative. Under the direction of Professor Caroline A. Jones, an art historian, critic, and curator in the History, Theory, Criticism section of SA+P’s Department of Architecture, the initiative builds on MIT’s bold tradition of art making, research, education, and innovation in media-based storytelling, from film and video through augmented reality.

The program creates new partnerships among faculty across schools, drawing on the 20 years of innovation in Comparative Media Studies and Literature, and uniting that legacy with the pioneering Film Section in Architecture (1967-89). The new Transmedia Initiative will be offering pioneering pedagogy to students at the graduate and undergraduate levels, convening conversations among makers and theorists of time-based media, and encouraging shared debate and public knowledge about pressing social issues, aesthetic theories, and technologies of the moving image.

Supported by a foundational gift from David and Nina Fialkow, the program brings together faculty from SA+P, MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS), and from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) to create a new hub for pedagogy and research in time-based media.

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